Thursday, April 15, 2021

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Little Ned is in trouble,
(yes, he's done it again)
he is stuck on a tree
and it's beginning to rain

He climbed up the tree,
going really quite high,
because he had this idea
of touching the sky.

He's still hanging there,
wearing shorts and a frown -
could someone please come
and help Ned get down?

Featuring: Poor Ned
and his castle.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Tomorrow is Another Day!

 We misbehaved today,
naughtier than we should,
so we are off to bed
and tomorrow we'll be good!

Featured: Two new friends
all ready for a good
night's sleep.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Morning Has Broken

The sun first appears
so distant and shy
before feeling bolder
and lighting the sky.

A pink flower raises
its face to the sun,
the dew lingers yet
and then it is gone.

The bird having slept
all the night long,
clears its throat twice
and bursts into song.

 A butterfly dances
without any warning -
oh, how nice it is
to welcome the morning!

Featured: A wall hanging to 
welcome spring.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Five Star Review

 Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
An Extravagant Death by Charles Finch.

1. The Series: This is the 11th book in the 
Charles Lenox Mysteries series
unfolding in Victorian England.
The book can be read as a stand-alone
but the whole series is excellent.

2. The Detective: Charles Lenox is the
second son of an honorable family and
his choice of career has raised quite
a few eyebrows. He is the most 
thoughtful, courteous and civilized
man and a wonderful character.

3. The Members of the Band: Lenox is
surrounded by a colorful group of recurring
characters - his wife, his daughter, his
brother, his ex-valet, his physician friend, the 
partners in his detective agency.

4. The Plot: While most books in this series
take place in London, this time we 
travel to gilded-age Newport, RI. It is
fascinating to see this new shrine to
American wealth through Lenox's
English eyes.

5. The Best Part: Is the quality of the writing.
Charles Finch crafts an intricate mystery
plot with a memorable setting, wrapped in 
beautiful writing, tenderness and wit.

Featured: a pile or crochet baby blankets.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Art with Heart!

In the middle of our street
on the square, facing west,
someone's built a house
that is not like the rest.

The houses on our street
are all cozy, full of heart,
and this house is more
like a fine work of art.

A house so unusual
it looks as if someone
has built a house and garden
wrapped up all in one!

The neighbors are puzzled,
they gossip and stare -
they all want to know
about the people who live there.

I was the first
to meet her by chance -
an elegant woman with
a gallery in France.

The house and her life
are devoted to art,
but she will fit right in -
she's a neighbor with a heart!

Featured: my new doll-house is covered by 
wallpaper from Photowall. I was blown away 
by the selection. If you fancy a 25% discount, 
you can use the code handmadebyamalia25
until March 20th, 2021.
Here is the link: Photowall

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Musings of a Wicked Step-Mother

Such awful bad luck!
Disaster has struck
and ruined my plan.
I could hit someone.

I'd walked by the chapel
and picked a red apple,
the poison I made
without any aid.

I left it on the table
until I was able
to give it to that bitty
who thinks she's so pretty.

Being busy with my plot
I may have forgot
that now is prime
apple-picking time.

Bench, basket or chair,
there are apples everywhere. 
On the table there are nine -
but which one is mine?

Featured: An embroidered
castle where everything is possible.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Five Star Review

 Five reasons I'm giving five stars to:
The Amory Ames mysteries by Ashley Weaver.

1. The Plot: These light-hearted mysteries unfold
in England in the 1930s. Amory Ames is a young
society lady, who naturally finds herself embroiled
in one murder mystery after another.

2. The Setting: There is a nice feel for the escapist
period of the early 1930s, before the winds of war
are destined to appear. The books do a fine job of
conveying the glitz and glamor of high society.

3. The Protagonist: Amory Ames has been married 
for five years to a charming playboy and the marriage
is not going well. This provides both a little depth
to the series and a reason for her to immerse herself
in any murder that happens along.

4. The Writing: The books are well written and the
mysteries are well plotted. Each book offers some
repeat characters and some new, plenty of plot twists,
a different location, fun dialogs and a little humor.

5. In short: If you are in the market for a traditional,
murder mystery with a relatable heroine and a 
bit of  elegance, this could be the series for you.

Featured: Crochet coasters. My father made the 
wooden stand for me.