Monday, July 15, 2019

The Bunny and the Cheese

I once knew this bunny
happy and small,
but he didn't like carrots
and I mean - not at all!

So what did he like?
OK, I won't tease,
this little bunny
only ate cheese.

His mom didn't like
the smell in the house
and said: "really, my son,
you're not a mouse!"

The bunny said: "Mama,
relax, if you please,
let us not fight
over some cheese.

If you don't like my Swiss
because of the smell,
I'll switch to Cheddar,
it is orange as well."

My niece Dana is once again
an ambassador for Sew a Softie,
teaching the art of sewing to 
a new generation of cute crafters.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vive la France!

The beautiful lakes and meadows,
the Alps with their majestic height;
the people, the pastries, the flowers,
France - you've been a delight!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Happy Day

Don't you think
it would be cool
if mom and dad let me
drive to school?

I'd be ready on time,
sometimes even early,
cause I want to go
with my bestie Shirley.

I'll drive the car
Shirley will play,
and I'm almost certain
we can find the way.

Kids will admire us
as they ride on their bike,
and we'll sing along
with the songs that we like.

There is only one problem
that worries me still -
I'm a bit small yet
and can't reach the wheel.

Wishing you all
a happy, cake-filled day.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Snail's Pace

A little snail
was feeling strange,
restless and bored
he needed a change.

He didn't at all
like the feel of gravel,
but still decided 
it was time to travel.

He thought he'd go big
and travel abroad,
in short - he decided
to cross the road.

The road was deserted
night about to fall,
the snail started crossing
at a leisurely stroll.

He enjoyed the quiet,
and the cool evening air,
the scent of wild flowers
that hung everywhere.

All was well
when suddenly, from afar,
he was sure that he heard
the sound of a car.

He'd dawdled too long
now it was morning,
and traffic appeared
without any warning.

Hurrying to cross
dodging an early commuter,
he was almost run over
by a guy on a scooter.

The snail finally crossed
and collapsed without breath,
thinking he'd avoided
a sad, painful death:

"I carry my home with me
and it sure is good luck,
cause one thing's for certain -
I'm not crossing back!"

Featured: at a snail's pace
I've finished the last scarf of winter.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

My New Blanket

A little girl
was taking a break,
preparing to enjoy
a nice piece of cake.

A squirrel jumped on her
giving her a fright,
he was really hoping
to get a small bite.

A bird flying by
was horrified by this,
but the squirrel didn't care
and blew her a kiss.

The oak tree sighed:
"well, he is young",
and the naughty squirrel
stuck out his tongue.

Other animals arrived
drawn by the chatter,
 all wanting to know
what was the matter.

Some had an opinion, 
some had a laugh,
when the little girl
finally had enough:

"You are all lovely,
but for heaven's sake
let me have a moment
to enjoy my piece of cake"!

Featured: I've pulled all my
unfinished crochet projects
into one big blanket.

Monday, April 8, 2019

A Time for Every Season

In a quiet garden, 
sitting on a tree,
a bird got to talking 
with a busy bee.

The bee wanted to know: 
tell me, my dear -
what is your favorite 
time of the year?

The bird thought deeply 
season by season,
wanting to impress
the bee with her reason.

She thought of the hope
and the promise of spring;
of the lazy heat
that summer will bring.

Of autumn's lovely colors,
all smokey and gold;
and the cruel beauty
of the harsh winter's cold.

She thought of happy singing
when summer is bright,
and finding a cozy shelter
for the winter's night.

And finally she said
let me answer, dear:
my favorite must always be
the time that is here.

Featured: A nice day out.