Sunday, April 28, 2019

My New Blanket

A little girl
was taking a break,
preparing to enjoy
a nice piece of cake.

A squirrel jumped on her
giving her a fright,
he was really hoping
to get a small bite.

A bird flying by
was horrified by this,
but the squirrel didn't care
and blew her a kiss.

The oak tree sighed:
"well, he is young",
and the naughty squirrel
stuck out his tongue.

Other animals arrived
drawn by the chatter,
 all wanting to know
what was the matter.

Some had an opinion, 
some had a laugh,
when the little girl
finally had enough:

"You are all lovely,
but for heaven's sake
let me have a moment
to enjoy my piece of cake"!

Featured: I've pulled all my
unfinished crochet projects
into one big blanket.

Monday, April 8, 2019

A Time for Every Season

In a quiet garden, 
sitting on a tree,
a bird got to talking 
with a busy bee.

The bee wanted to know: 
tell me, my dear -
what is your favorite 
time of the year?

The bird thought deeply 
season by season,
wanting to impress
the bee with her reason.

She thought of the hope
and the promise of spring;
of the lazy heat
that summer will bring.

Of autumn's lovely colors,
all smokey and gold;
and the cruel beauty
of the harsh winter's cold.

She thought of happy singing
when summer is bright,
and finding a cozy shelter
for the winter's night.

And finally she said
let me answer, dear:
my favorite must always be
the time that is here.

Featured: A nice day out.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

To Dream the Impossible Dream

I have amazing dreams
of flying with the geese,
to find a warmer clime
and winter there in peace.

The journey can be scary,
but oh so worth the try -
when you fly with the geese
you get to touch the sky.

Featured: I made a dream catcher
to hold on to my dreams.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle


I was playing by the lake,
enjoying the sun,
when I saw a little fish
swimming, having fun.

I called to the fish
and asked him whether
he'd like to come out
and play together.

"Come out of the lake?
wouldn't that be sweet,
but I am not a duck -
I don't have feet!"

Featured: A nice day out.
My little nephew Noam
was enjoying the sun.

Friday, March 1, 2019

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
Murder in Park Lane
by Karen Charlton:

1. The Setting: The book, a historical
murder mystery, unfolds in 1812.
It is not too rich in historical detail but it is
nice to see that things could still get done
without computers, cell-phones and that all
important DNA testing.

2. The Protagonist: Stephen Lavender, a
Principal Officer at Bow Street, is 
considered 'the best policeman in England.'
The nicest thing about him is his relationship
with his sidekick, constable Woods.

3. The Gentleness: For when you've had your
fill of violence and gore, and want no more.

4. The Plot: A body is found in a fashionable 
address in Mayfair. I'm saying no more.
This is a spoiler-free zone.

5. The Best Part: I couldn't really tell
who did it. Isn't it awful when you work
it out half-way through the book and then
have to wait for the detective to catch up?

Features: Celebrating Detective Lavender
with small lavender sachets made for coat hangers.

Talking of mysteries, the blog of our blogger
friend Diane of Lavender Dreams has disappeared
in very disturbing circumstances.
You can find her and her story HERE.

Monday, February 18, 2019

When the Animals Got Together

If we ever need a leader,
said the nice giraffe,
remember I'm the tallest
and really like to laugh.

The lion disagreed:
of course I am king, 
and did also I mention
that I can dance and sing?

The frog answered him:
I'm not at all convinced,
as everyone well knows
inside I am a prince.

The dinosaur roared
you are all the worst -
don't you remember?
I was here first!

Featured: I made these 
paper roll animals
for my nephew Ariel.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Introducing George

I had myself a treat,
a juicy, lovely bone,
that I’ve been saving to enjoy
when I am on my own.

Another doggie came
and gave me a chase,
so I hid my lovely bone
in a really good place.

But I may have been
a little too clever,
I can’t find the bone
and I’ve been looking forever.

Featured: Little George,
a joint effort of my niece Dana and myself,
is taking part in the
Sew a Softie Global Sewing Party.
We hope he makes a lot of friends,
though he may need a lesson in sharing.
More info about the party
can be found here.