Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
The Kat Holloway Mysteries by Jennifer Ashley.

1. The series - We are in 1880 London and Kat
Holloway is a cook in a posh house. There is
an interesting upstairs-downstairs scenario, there is
a mysterious Daniel, and there are of course bodies.

2. The protagonist - Kat is always the smartest, 
kindest and most capable person in the room 
AND she's a fantastic cook. But I'm not holding it 
against her because, relatively speaking, she is a
product of her time.

3. The sensibility - So many protagonists of historical 
mysteries are liberal feminists with modern 
sensibilities that you forget how difficult it was for
a single woman to make her way. These books
feel more authentic in this respect.

4. The domestic details - I love details of daily life
and these books take the time to let us know how
a cook in Victorian London went about her day.
There are a LOT of yummy food descriptions.

5. The atmosphere - If you are in the market for
a light and gentle read, fast paced but without gore, 
with a likeable heroine, a nice feeling for the period
and a bit of romance, this could be the series for you.

Featured: I made this granny square blanket
as a wedding present. Made with love to celebrate love.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Scarf Weather

If I had a scarf for every day
I'd always look so clever,
and every day would be laundry day
and I'd be ironing forever.

Featured: It is not yet scarf weather
around here but we live in hope.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Run Rabbit Run

A long time ago, 
or maybe last week
I met a very pink rabbit;
We got to talking 
and I was keen 
to hear about his habit.

He told me he liked
to wake with the sun
and begin each and every day -
with a great big smile
and happy thoughts
and only nice things to say.

Some days were grey
and if you listened well
you might hear a rabbit complain:
that the air was cold,
the grass was wet
and he didn't like the rain.

But the very next morning
he'd be up with a smile
ready to welcome the sun,
because a pink rabbit knows
that each day is a gift
and he loves every single one.

Featured: A pink friend
addicted to happiness.

Monday, August 31, 2020

The Toys Are Upset!

The toys are upset
and they're muttering a lot,
summer is ending
and it's still very hot.

Everyone else has
a lot of time off,
but when they want a break
these children just scoff.

They work so hard
and they do work cheap,
they mind the children
so the grown-ups can sleep.

But if they don't get a vacation
whatever the cost,
they're off on a strike
and the kids can get lost.

Featured: Four exhausted friends.

Friday, August 14, 2020

A Nice Day Out

Summer was not working,
he was sitting in the shade
and mumbling to himself:
"I quit, don't need to get paid.

I thought I got the good season,
the one with games and fun,
nobody thought to mention
I'd be getting sun and more sun.

Having a sunny disposition
is harder than I thought
when I'm always getting burnt
and I'm always always hot!"

Featured: We had a nice day out
in the hot sun and were
very happy about it.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

An Unexpected Guest

One hot and boring day,
I went outside to play,
I saw a dragon in the garden
and said ‘I beg your pardon’?

The dragon was surprised
he didn’t realize
that little boys could talk,
really, he was in shock.

He said: ‘I’m stopping by
to see a butterfly’.
his wings are gold and red,
his name is Happy Fred.’

I said: ‘oh don’t you worry,
I scared you, I am sorry,
the roses by the shed
are where we’ll find your Fred.

It really was quite sweet
to see the two friends meet,
we had a rugby match
and played a game of catch.

They both flew on to Rome
and me? I went back home.
Now do you wonder why?
‘cause little boys can’t fly.

Featured: A new softie friend.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
The Bunburry Mysteries by Helena Marchmont.

1. The series - Alfie McAlister inherits a
cottage in the village of Bunburry. Someone
has died recently, the locals think that it is
an accident, but Alfie is not convinced.

2. The protagonist - Alfie is a Cary Grant
kind of protagonist - intelligent and
elegant with a keen appreciation of fun.

3. The literary connection - "anyone can be good in
the country, there are no temptations there" -
we are in Oscar Wilde country with a bit of
Miss Marple thrown in. 

4. The Atmosphere - these books are so
light they may very well float away
if you don't hold them tightly.

5. In short - if you are in the market for
a short and gentle read,
contemporary with a vintage feel,
these may well be the mystery novellas for you.

Featured: A felt needlework
of a garden my niece drew for me.