Tuesday, January 23, 2024

In the Forest


I went into the forest
hoping to play
but all the animals
were away.

I asked a tree where 
the animals had gone,
“They got up early and 
left at dawn.”

I soon found out that
the circus was in town
and the animals all 
wanted to see a clown.

Featured: A cereal box upgraded

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The Christmas Story


1/3.  Alf and Elf were not usually given The Big Jobs. They were sweet helpers, a little silly and with a talent for complicating things. But this being the busy holiday season with a few workers out with the flu, it fell upon them to deliver the sweets to the Christmas party. Really, what could go wrong? The two loaded their jolly jelly cargo on Alf’s car and they hit the road. As their neared the river bend the car stalled. The gas tank was empty. What now?

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2/3.  Elf really wanted to hire a hot-air balloon for the sweets but none was available at short notice. Luckily for them (the universe, for reasons of its own, would sometimes reward incompetence with luck) a boat was nearing the river bend and agreed to take them along. It soon turned out that Alf was not accurate when describing the weight of the sweets to the captain and the little boat began sinking. The crew saved the candy, but all was not dandy. They were left, cold and wet, on the shore.

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3/3. Suddenly a train was heard coming (that meddling universe in action once again) and stopped to help. Alf was a little disappointed, he’d had visions of a plane, Santa’s sley or the tour bus of Bruce Springsteen, but Elf insisted that they board the train. Once settled, they had a little idea to throw a shindig as a thank you, played Christmas music, distributed much of the candy among the passengers and almost pressed the emergency break. But they did reach the Christmas party in time. Will they get another Big Job? Time will tell.

Featured: Two wine bottle corks out and about
on this festive season.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 4, 2023

The Pink Forest

There once was a forest
where all the trees were pink,
it was quite glamorous -
magical, don't you think?

But the animals living there
asked with a frown:
"Can't you trees be ordinary?
What is wrong with brown?" 

(©handmade by amalia)

Featured: Little woodland friends

Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Tea Party

1/3.  Aunt Augusta was having her annual tea party. She liked peculiar things and the guests always tried to find little curiosities for her as hostess gifts. This worried Freddie quite a bit. He was not what you might call ‘an ideas man’, he never had a clue what to bring. And this year promised to be worse than ever. His crazy cousin Carlos and his friend, horrid Harlod, had just come back from Turkey with quantities of Marzipan. Aunt August was very partial to Marzipan. Oh, what should he bring?

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 2/3.  There was a rather interesting story in the morning paper about tea. And not just any tea, Chinese tea! The story used exotic words like wild tea trees, high mountain tea and nutritious tree teas with abundant flavors. It all sounded very Aunt Augusta! Freddie had a good think. There were seven days until the party. With his frequent flyer miles, careful planning and a bit of luck, it could be done. He packed his bag, asked a neighbor to feed the cat, and he was off to China, the Land of Wonders.

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 3/3.  The trip was quite long. Freddie found himself hopping from plane to train, taking buses and a ship, there was even a rickshaw involved. The plantation, when he finally reached it, was stunning. Freddie may have been a little deflated to discover that they ship their tea internationally, but he got over that as soon as they brewed him a cup. Oh, it was lovely! He grabbed as much tea as he could carry and started towards home. He made it to the party in the nick of time, flat broke and exhausted. But wasn’t it all worth it for the hint of a smile and a tiny nod from Aunt Augusta as she tried the tea?

Featured: The adventures of an upcycled wine bottle cork.
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Friday, August 4, 2023

Make Do and Mend


Something is wrong,
Cinderella isn’t it!
She tries and tries
but the shoe doesn’t fit.

She explains to the prince:
It’s this awful heat,
my ankles are puffy
and I have swollen feet.
(©handmade by amalia)

Featured: My sister's shoes were hit 
with some acid so I made these little 
patches to give them new life.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Princess and the Pea

The little princess
had an awful night,
she tossed and turned
from left to right.

But tonight she
will sleep at ease -
she made the prince promise
to use mushy peas.

Featured: A princess bed
with extra accommodation inside.
Upcycled: a small tin of Barkleys mints

Thursday, April 20, 2023

A Small Break

 I'm taking a small blog break.
Meanwhile, you can find me 
on Instagram at (link)
 see you soon!