Friday, June 11, 2021

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
The Verity Kent Mysteries by Anna Lee Huber.

1. The Setting - These mysteries unfold in 1919,
just as the Great War comes to an end. The war - with
its tragedies, heroics and secrets - colors all the books.

2. The Protagonist - Verity Kent is a superwoman of
her time - she saw action as a Secret Service agent
during the war, has been solving complicated mysteries
ever since, and is always the cleverest, most observant
person in the room. And she is gorgeous and buys her
cloths in Paris, all at the tender age of 23. But she is
strong and fun and human and I don't hold this 
overachieving against her.

3. The Plots - The books have a feel of the classic
British murder mysteries with intricate plots, plenty
of twists and turns, and a lovely mix of mayhem
and social observation.

4. The Toys - Verity 'married well' so beside
the dresses from Paris there are swanky cars,
country estates, society parties, jazzy nightclubs, and all 
the glamorous trimmings of the bright young things 
of the era.

5. In short - If you like your murder mysteries set
against an interesting historical background, with 
attractive characters, plenty of energy and a little
romance, this could well be series for you. 
(This is a series best read in order, if possible).

Featured: embroidered kitchen towels.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Chocolate Understands!

 I really wanted chocolate
for my dinner,
chocolate is so dark
and nice and sweet.

I have been good
for two whole hours -
I really think that
I deserve a treat!

Featured: Yogurt pots
recycled to hold homemade
treats for a moderately well- 
behaved little nephew.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The (Almost) Sunny Bunny

The night is settling
and Millie goes to bed -
she pushes the pillow
up over her head.

The day will come soon
the light bright and sunny,
and Millie is NOT
a morning bunny.

Featured: A little friend
with an appreciation for that
first cup of coffee.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here
all is in bloom,
and little doll Millie
is holding a broom.

She is giving the playroom
a good old clean,
going over and under
and in-between.

The grumpy bear says:
"Well, if you must,
but what is wrong
with a little dust?

Millie doesn't listen,
she is on a mission,
she polishes the floor,
fluffs up the cushion.

The bear tries again:
"You go a bit far,
we do like things 
just as they are."

Millie says to the bear:
"You really are sweet,
now stop complaining 
and move your feet."

"Open the window,
let in the air,
and enjoy the season
you silly old bear!"

Featured: Corkscrew doll Millicent,
in her little shoebox home.
She knows her own mind and speaks it too.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Little Ned is in trouble,
(yes, he's done it again)
he is stuck on a tree
and it's beginning to rain

He climbed up the tree,
going really quite high,
because he had this idea
of touching the sky.

He's still hanging there,
wearing shorts and a frown -
could someone please come
and help Ned get down?

Featuring: Poor Ned
and his castle.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Tomorrow is Another Day!

 We misbehaved today,
naughtier than we should,
so we are off to bed
and tomorrow we'll be good!

Featured: Two new friends
all ready for a good
night's sleep.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Morning Has Broken

The sun first appears
so distant and shy
before feeling bolder
and lighting the sky.

A pink flower raises
its face to the sun,
the dew lingers yet
and then it is gone.

The bird having slept
all the night long,
clears its throat twice
and bursts into song.

 A butterfly dances
without any warning -
oh, how nice it is
to welcome the morning!

Featured: A wall hanging to 
welcome spring.