Saturday, October 1, 2022

A fish out of water

 A little fish was swimming
when suddenly there came a net
and fished him out of the water
all slippery and scared and wet.

The fish was in a panic -
he was sure that this was the end,
he closed his eyes and prayed,
wishing for help from a friend.

The fisherman was listening
and heard the murmured wish,
he threw him back into the water,
saving the little fish.

Featured: Made these pencil cases
for my little nephews

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lazy Summer Days

Yellow says to pink:
"you're a fizzy, happy drink."
Pink smiles at yellow:
"you're a cheery kind of fellow." 

Featured: Crafting and playing 
with my darling nephews.

I'm taking a little summer break
to be lazy as well.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Eggs in One Basket

 I put all my eggs in one basket
and went outside to play;
the basket fell down to the ground,
no omelette for me today.

Featured: A knitted basket
to hold little treasures.

Monday, May 30, 2022

The Clever Lion

There once was a lion
who enjoyed a nice rose,
and was usually careful 
to protect his nose.

One day, near the bush,
he gave a big yawn
and felt on his nose
the prick of a thorn.

He pulled the thorn out
and smiled, as he should -
and said that in life
you get the bad with the good.

Featured: A clever new friend
and two lionesque nephews.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Shame on You, Mindy!

 Mindy is a 
lovely-looking doll,
she is pink and pretty 
and rather small.

She has a smile 
as sweet as a daisy,
but it must be admitted 
that she is a bit lazy.

Each day the toys 
play in the yard,
but Mindy says sorry, 
the ground is too hard.

And when they all clean 
and tidy and cook,
you can usually find her 
curled up with a book.

The others are ready 
to raise quite a stink -
really, Mindy, you are 
very lucky you're pink!


Featured: a pink softie with an attitude.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving five stars to 
Murder at Mallowan Hall by Colleen Cambridge:

1. The Time and Place: We are in 1930, 
that breath of fresh air between the two wars, 
and in the green pastures of the English countryside, 
in the home of famed mystery novelist Agatha Christie, 
there is a body in the library.

2. She Who Must Be Obeyed: Phyllida Bright is the 
head of the household (though the butler would probably 
argue the point). Phyllida is no ordinary housekeeper. 
She is good looking, fashionable, easily the smartest person 
in the room and prides herself on her cool and calm head. 
The house, of course, is beautifully run at all times.

3. The Hidden Past: Phyllida hints to many secrets, 
to a past full of twists and turns, but the author 
is in no hurry to reveal them all. This is a 
woman worth knowing and we should take our time 
to do so.

4. The Newcomer: Our Phyllida has grown used to 
being universally adored, from Agatha and her husband 
Max Mallowan to the reluctant butler and the rest 
for the stuff (herself included). But there is a newcomer 
to Mallowan Hall who is not as easy to impress, 
who knows just how to unruffle the unflappable, 
and keeps her human.

5. Gimme More: If you're in the market for a 
light and lovely read, filled with an unforgettable 
protagonist, a few bodies and fascinating details of the 
daily life of a manor house, this is the book for you! 
Can't wait for the next book in this fun new series. 

Featured: Knitted baskets, 
my winter obsession.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Spring is Here!

 The garden's in chaos,
things are quite bad,
and Spring slumbers on
snoring like mad.

A turtle goes over
and gives Spring a shake,
planning, if needed
to bribe him with cake.

"Wake up, wake up
you have to see reason -
Winter is leaving
and we don't have a season!"

Spring jumps and mutters:
"Sorry! Sorry my dear,
nobody told me
it's my time of year."

Featured: A little turtle
and his bestie are
ready to enjoy the new season.