Monday, October 3, 2016

The Wickedly Wicked Stepmother

Such awful bad luck!
Disaster has struck
and ruined my plan.
I could hit someone.

I'd walked by the chapel
and picked a red apple,
the poison I made
without any aid.

I left it on the table
until I was able
to give it to that bitty
who thinks she's so pretty.

Being busy with my plot
I might have forgot
that autumn is prime
apple picking time.

Bench, stair or chair,
there are apples everywhere.
On the table there are nine -
now which one is mine?

The felt queen without feeling
was made from a drawing by my niece.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dear Little Dog

Dear little dog
you can wag your tail,
the postman has come
and brought you some mail.

That tabby cat
that you so liked to chase,
sends you a postcard
from his new safe place.

The neighborhood butcher
has sent a bill,
for those juicy chops
and the meat for the grill.

There is also a note
from your usual walker,
he can't come today
as he is playing soccer.

And an invitation
to come and eat,
with that darling poodle
at the end of the street.

The postman is here
with all these and more,
but you're barking again
and he won't come to the door.

It is so nice to be back
I've missed you all!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Island of Grumpy Toys

The toys are upset
and they're muttering a lot,
summer is here
and it's really quite hot.

Everyone else has
a lot of time off,
but when they want a break
these children just scoff.

They do work hard
and they do work cheap,
they mind the children
so the grown-ups can sleep.

But if they don't get a vacation 
whatever the cost,
they're off on a strike
and the kids can get lost.

I'm going on a summer blog break soon
I'll miss you all

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scotland - Going Home


Local Hero, Bill Forsyth's 1983 movie, 
is a great favorite of mine,
not least because of Mark Knopfler's soundtrack
(you can play it at the bottom of the post).

During our recent Scottish vacation we visited Pennan,
one of the main locations for the film.
Pennan is a tiny village with a small harbor,
a single row of homes and - one red telephone box.
On a cool and windy day it was quiet and quirky 
and I loved it.

I've joined instagram.
If you'd like to visit me, I am here

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sew-a-Softie Day - Tutorial


How to Turn a Child's Drawing into a Softie.
This tutorial is a joint effort of my niece Dana (7) and myself:

1. Dana began by drawing a pretty butterfly.

2. I transferred the drawing onto fabric
using a tracing pad, a fabric marker and an iron.

3. Then came the fun part - the embroidery.

4. Once that was done, I cut around the finished butterfly,
leaving a small seam allowance, and used that as a template
to cut a piece of yellow felt for the back.

5. I sewed them together, leaving a small opening,
filled the butterfly with fiberfill and closed the opening.

5. Dana drew a garden for the butterfly and we set it free.

6. Finally, not necessary but nice, we wrote a little story:

There once was a butterfly
who was a little shy,
he liked to fly
but not too high.

The flowers said:
it is silly to be afraid,
there is nothing up high
but the big blue sky.

The busy bee
had to agree:
do use your powers
stop playing with the flowers.

The shy butterfly
gave a small sigh -
I do beg your pardon,
it is cozy in the garden.

And I like to be at ease
with the flowers and the bees.
But I'll give it a try -
look at me fly high!

7. And then Dana drew a picture of a lion girl
so that we could show you that if you want instant color
the same could be done with felt.

This tutorial is part of the Sew-a-Softie project
organized by Trixi Symonds.
The tutorial list can be found here
and if you are inspired to take part you can post your creations
on instagram with the tag #sasday2016
for a chance to win some great prizes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Summer Vacation: Scotland!

Ten lovely things from my vacation to Scotland:

1. There were more shades of green in nature 
than I could count, and all the drama you wish on vacation
was in the clear or cloudy skies.

2. Everybody we met was nice and chatty,
especially the sellers in the farmers' markets.

3. The animals were friendly as well.
A red rooster came to visit our rented farmhouse 
every single morning.

4. Even the rain had a sense of humor.
Walk about with a coat and an umbrella 
and you might get a drizzle.
But go to a castle on a cliff with only a light sweater
and it will pour buckets on you.

5. A lonely stone on a hilltop had the carving:
As still skies or storms unfold
take a moment to behold;
in sun, rain, sleet or snow
warm your soul before you go.

6. The cleanest public restrooms ever.
It had to be mentioned.

7. The dairy products (my favorite food group)
were delicious. When I saw the cows grazing quietly
in the open fields, I could understand why.

8. The tea-rooms with their amazing scones and cakes.
I felt I was in a Miss Marple mystery
(only without the bodies).

9. The little stream that run just outside the farmhouse,
the perfect setting for my morning coffee.

10. Most of all I liked the cool clean air.
I've been back for a single day in our hot and humid
summer and already I miss it so.