Friday, November 2, 2018

About Last Night


Last night I couldn't
get to sleep
and lay in bed
counting sheep.

I got all the way
to number ten
when one run off
and I had to start again.

Featured: A new cushion.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Battle of the Seasons

Autumn was very upset,
the day was not going well;
he went to his friend, the sun.
to talk (he tried not to yell):

"That summer just won't go away,
he's lingering beyond any reason,
and it is not at all fair -
when he knows that this is my season.

Summer has so much time
from winter until fall,
while everyone knows full well,
my season is the shortest of all!"

The sun answered: "Autumn,
I know you're a friend of mine.
But I have to side with summer -
he just makes me shine."

A biased author, I'm so ready for
a proper autumn and welcoming it
with a scarf for my beautiful niece Roni.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
The Little Library Mystery series
by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli:

1. The Plot: Jenny's husband turned out
to be a major disappointment. She returns 
to the small town in Michigan where she
grew up and her mother, Dora, still lives.
There is an interesting neighbor with a
potential to be a new best friend, and an
interesting man with a potential to be
a new romance. And there are bodies.

2. The Protagonist: Jenny is not your typical
plucky heroine. And these books 
are not a one-woman effort. There is a whole
cast of characters working to solve the murders.

3. The Coziness: The books have a
small town setting with all the
expected charm and quirky characters.
It is not, however, all fluffiness and light.
The protagonists are more fleshed out
and murder is a bad, sad thing.

4. The Literary References: The first 
book is a tribute to Lewis Carroll,
the second has Emily Dickinson
references, and the third... Jane Austen.

5. The Little Libraries: The town has no 
proper library and Dora has a nice idea.

Features: Two small needlework cushions
made from leftover bits and pieces.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Man in the Moon

Do you know
the man in the moon?
I'm going to visit 
him very soon.

Last night
I was in bed reading
when suddenly I
could hear him pleading:

"Is anyone out there?
Could you please
send over some crackers
for my cheese?"

So I'm going with
crackers and tea and a scone,
and I'll be his friend
so he's not so alone.

Sneaking out
should be quite easy,
mom is in the kitchen
looking very busy.

My room door is shut
I've left the light on -
with any luck
mom won't know that I'm gone.

And if she does
I'm sure she will see
that the man in the moon
really needs me.

I'll tell him stories
of my dog and my bear,
he can play with my doll -
if he takes great care.

I hope he enjoys
a chat and the snack -
but by dinner-time
I must be back.

Featured: space-themed cushion
and curtain for a little nephew's room

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Happy New Year

Why did the year
up and run
when I hardly got
anything done?

What happened?
It is a riddle,
I hope the coming year
is a bit more civil.

There is much I want
to learn and create -
the year barely started
and I'm already late.

One advice to myself
I am giving -
a little less planning
a little more living.

Featured: We are celebrating our New Year.
I made these new year cards
from recycled bits and pieces
and put a little card and
a little treat in each.
The idea came from here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Something Sweet

The bear had a day,
was run off his feet,
and felt he needed
something sweet.

He looked around
and was very sad -
the pantry was empty,
no treats to be had.

He went next door
to borrow some jam,
but they had none
and offered him yam.

He stopped by the hive
and asked for some honey.
The bees were so sorry -
the batch was still runny.

He decided to settle
for cookie or cake.
The bakery was closed,
it was time for their break.

He looked to the moon
and said pretty please -
can I at least have
a small wedge of cheese?

The man in the moon
thought him a nutter -
who has cheese
without a cracker?

The bear was so tired
thought he might cry,
should he go home
or continue to try?

He was heading back
when he met a bear
with a big bag of candy
he was happy to share!

The day turned out well
because in the end
our bear got his treat
and made a new friend.

Featured: a knitted basket for wool.
Didn't do much crafting this summer.
It is nice to be back!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Isle of Disgruntled Toys

The toys are upset
and they're muttering a lot,
summer is here
and it's really quite hot.

Everyone else has
a lot of time off,
but when they want a break
these children just scoff.

They do work hard
and they do work cheap,
they mind the children
so the grown-ups can sleep.

But if they don't get a vacation
whatever the cost,
they're off on a strike
and the kids can get lost.

I'm taking a summer break.
I'll see you all soon!