Thursday, November 13, 2014

Simple Ideas are the best!


I'm on a mission to to simplify things
and as I spend way too much time gift-wrapping
I was very pleased to come across this little tip - 
use a cupcake liner instead of fabric to decorate jars
what could be more simple?

The cookies are my Grandmother's Yaffa's world famous onion cookies
And they are yummie!


Unknown said...

Onion cookies ? Guaouu. It is beautiful . I like so much

handmade by amalia said...

thanks! I'll send you a virtual cookie so that you can taste for yourself
they are really nice with coffee and a bit of cheese :-)

MJ said...

Onion cookies? I have never tried them before, but they sound so good! :)
I love your gift wrapping idea! Cupcake wrappers to top jars sound simple but adds such a sweet touch! :)
Ha ha I know what you mean about spending lots of time gift-wrapping! I used to be really bad at wrapping, and I would take forever! Hmm, maybe I should be on a mission for simplification too! Thanks for the tip! <3

MJ //

handmade by amalia said...

The thing is that this really only works with quite narrow jars as cupcake liners are only so big :-)
But I liked it and another bonus is that I have a ton of them so it's nice to find another use
a kiss