Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mazel Tov Ela and Itamar

My brother Itamar and his sweetheart Ella 
got married on Thursday
The ceremony was held in the office of the Rabbinate in Tel Aviv

When the ceremony ended a friend of my brother's
surprised us all by invited the Breslov Hasidim troop
to play a happy version of traditional music
and in a moment we had a street party

The wedding party is a three-day affair on the beach
in a beautiful, unspoiled stretch -
they built a communal area for food and recreation
and everyone has their own tent


  1. Congratulations for your family.
    What a nice party! And beautiful photos...
    A big kiss, Amalia.

  2. קולולולולו!!!!!!!!!! מזל טוב לזוג הנחמד!

  3. Wou , Big party and good celebration !!! Congratulation