Monday, April 8, 2019

A Time for Every Season

In a quiet garden, 
sitting on a tree,
a bird got to talking 
with a busy bee.

The bee wanted to know: 
tell me, my dear -
what is your favorite 
time of the year?

The bird thought deeply 
season by season,
wanting to impress
the bee with her reason.

She thought of the hope
and the promise of spring;
of the lazy heat
that summer will bring.

Of autumn's lovely colors,
all smokey and gold;
and the cruel beauty
of the harsh winter's cold.

She thought of happy singing
when summer is bright,
and finding a cozy shelter
for the winter's night.

And finally she said
let me answer, dear:
my favorite must always be
the time that is here.

Featured: A nice day out.


  1. That's a lovely thought to go with your pretty photos! We should all be smart enough to enjoy whatever season is currently here.

  2. A beautiful poem to go with beautiful photos. That food looks delicious. xx

  3. I love those words because they absolutely ring true. Jo x

  4. I will try to remember your beautiful poem when Winter blasts forth in my little world. Gorgeous photos, Amalia♥

  5. I love the poem and the bird gave an excellent answer. You made me hungry with all the food pictures.

  6. Amalia, I love the photos! And you are so right with your poem, always enjoy the current season of life for it changes so quickly! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  7. The time that is here....oh how perfect that is to remember! I'm loving Spring right now and it's not even my favorite season! The tiny snail you photographed sure is pretty! And I love seeing those horses. Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  8. The way we should live ur the moment:)If those are Bostocks I am reaching in:)

  9. Seriously you are so talented. I love this poem. A great message for us all.

  10. Oh Amalia, your poem is really beautiful.
    And as always, your series of photos about the wonders of nature and delicious food are smashing.

  11. This is lovely and love the pictures ! Is really true, is true each season is different I love autumn but spring is wonderful !

  12. Un post estupendo! Gracias por tu visita! 🥀🥀🥀

  13. This poem is my favorite!So sweet!Lovely pictures too!Hugs!

  14. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for sharing the glimpse of your such magical surroundings dear Amalia!

    you live in such a lovely part of land :)

    amazing images brightened my day :)

    you capture the everything so nicely ,goat turning her face to the camera made me smile

    dishes look so INVITING!!!

    and what a delightful poem!

  15. You live in such a beautiful country Amalia. The animals, the vines, the distant mountains, all look wonderful. As do the little cakes to finish, they look delicious. Your poem is very charming, always a treat.

  16. Looks like a wonderful day out!! Love the poem, that is the only way to think of it, that whatever is now is what's good, to appreciate the now, but I will have to say in the winter I do long for spring :)

  17. Amalia, your photos are lovely. Your poem is beautiful and one that we all need to remember! Thank you for sharing your wisdom through poetry. xo

  18. Of all of your many wonderful posts
    This, Dear One, I love the most.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 🤗

  19. Well I couldn't agree more with your poem Amalia! I love seasons and find things about them to look and wait for when the time is right!

  20. How lovely....serene and thankful like...I am glad I came by. Your pictures are beautiful expressions of art..🥰

  21. I love the poem and the last line. It's wonderful. And of course your photos are lovely and really tell a wonderful story of where you are and things you love to see. Enjoy your week!

  22. Such nice pictures! And neat poem. Thanks!

  23. What a fabulous selection of photographs here.
    I also enjoyed your poem and would agree "my favourite must always be the time that is here".. we must make the most of every minute, every day.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  24. Lovely photos, sweet poem! I always enjoy your posts so much!

  25. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos and I like the poem.

  26. The bird gave a very wise answer. There is much to savour in every season. What a lovely day out you enjoyed. I'm glad to see more of the countryside. The food looks delicious.

  27. Your poem is so beautiful with your lovely pictures!!
    I read the last line, and I cried happy tears :)
    Thank you, Amalia <3


  28. You wrote the poem so beautifully, and said exactly what I think too... there is something perfectly lovely about each season, although winter certainly drags out its welcome a bit too long, ha! What a lovely day to be out, such sweet delights you shared, an amazing salad, dinner, beautiful views, flowers, and pretties to look at! Delightful, all of it!

  29. I love each season, but miss Fall so much living in Florida. I love the glimpses of your life.

  30. Such interesting pictures, Amalia, especially that heart-shaped leaf with the snail. And the bird's answer is simply wonderful. To appreciate the season that we're in is beautiful. : )


  31. Beautiful photos Amalia, I love the goats and the snail :-)

  32. Gorgeous, wonderful poem, Amalia! And what a great day! Good foods and beautiful nature... :-)
    Hugs! ⚘⚘⚘

  33. Tis true - live in the moment! Lovely photos and love the poem!
    Wren x

  34. Such a wonderful poem, Amalia, and so very true! Love all the spring scenes and delicious treats! Sending hugs xo Karen

  35. So, so true! The best season is now! Love the poem and all the spring photos. Take care.

  36. Bom dia, excelente variedade de belas foto, assim como, o poema.

  37. What a wonderful series of photos!
    Thanks for sharing at

  38. Thank you for coming by my blog now I have found your blog. I love all the beautiful pictures. Those goats are so adorable. I love the looks on their faces. Such personalities. Happy Wednesday.