Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm a Barbi Girl

In my family barbecuing is an art form
traditionally reserved for men
recently, my sister and I decided to give it a try
and made a huge plate of vegetables

How it was done:
1. I bought a ton of vegetables in a multitude of colors
2. we sliced and sliced and sliced
and then seasoned with olive oil and oregano
3. we 'manned' the grill - it took more than an hour!
(here sister did most of the work as I set the table)
4. we arranged the plated and waited for applause
It was almost all gone, so - success!


  1. עמליה, מעורר תיאבון! הצליח לכן.

    1. עושות שוב בקרוב!
      שולחת לך קישוא וירטואלי

  2. Me encantan los vegetales , me chiflan a la parrilla , en barbacoa .¡Tiene muy buena pinta! . En las fotos invita a comer.
    Un abrazo.