Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank You One and All

Thank you to everyone for my excellent birthday party. 
My home is full of flowers and my heart is full of happiness

A special thank you to Yonathan for all the craft supplies, to my mom for the yummy cake and to Mirit for the most beautifully wrapped gifts. I only wish I'd taken more photos.

תודה לכולם על מסיבת יום ההולדת המצויינת שלי. הבית מלא פרחים והלב מלא שמחה. תודה מיוחדת ליונתן על חומרי היצירה המשובחים שעוד יוצגו כאן, לאמא שלי על העוגה הטעימה, ולמירית על העטיפות הכי יפות למתנות. אני רק מצטערת שלא צלמתי יותר


  1. Happy birthday, Amalia!
    I hope you has a nice day.
    My mother,s and my husband,s birthdays were on 22th of november. And yours?
    A lot of kisses for you.

    (I like your photos and your pretty niece)

    1. Mine was on the 15th. The party was delayed a little but it was worth the wait, everything was wonderful. Thanks for the good wishes xo

  2. Happy Birthday To you!

    Wish you happiness and good luck:)

  3. I've subscribed to your feed and will be here for your every single post. I really like your posts and photos:)

    1. Oh, how lovely and kind of you! It is wonderful to have such support. I'm also visiting your blog and like everything:)