Monday, April 28, 2014

Once is Not Enough... Recycle

This doll house came to my door as a gift box for an orchid
The first thing I did was put in two cardboard shelves
(I haven't figured out the roof just yet)

I painted quite a few layers of pink to cover the box
and then used a piece of cardboard 
to mark the door and windows on the sides

I haven't done much to the insides as yet
just a few embellishments from more of the cardboard
and some pieces I had lying around as temporary furniture

This is very much a work-in-progress
and I'm in discussions with my nieces about the future decor
we plan to continue the recycled theme


  1. When I was little I would always recycle my boxes to make my own doll houses..I ended up having quite a few of them too, ha ha. :)
    Yours is so cute!

    1. Can you believe it's my very first one?
      I always loved teddy bears more than dolls and they thought doll houses were beneath them :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I did enjoy it and have a lot more ideas
      a kiss for you

  3. Oh how cute! What a lovely house. I always used to recycle old lids and cereal boxes for my dolls houses! x

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    1. Thanks! It's my first time working with a big box, more room :)
      And I have to say that your blog is just lovely!!!

  4. Oh , It's so cute , is very nice .
    I like it so much.

    Es muy bonito , me gusta mucho

  5. What a beautiful house!
    I want to live in it...
    I am excited to see new furniture!
    A big kiss, Amalia.

    1. You are welcome to visit Esther! There will be tea and cakes :-)
      Re furniture I can only hint that I have a butter spread that looks very much like a bath...
      A kiss and a hug