Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome to MJ

Welcome to MJ from Little Panda Crafts, my very first guest blogger!
Here is here post.

Hello! I’m MJ from Little Panda Crafts. Thanks so much to Amalia for having me guest post today! This time of year is so busy, and with sending out the mountain load of holiday cards, you need the envelopes, too! I want to share with you how to make envelopes using a basic paper heart. This craft is really good for little kids--they’ll love making their own envelopes and putting their late Christmas Lists in as well!

You will need scissors, tape or glue, and some pretty papers. My eraser panda was tossed in as a prop for the photo. :)

First, cut out a heart.

Since you want the design part of the paper on the outside, flip the heart over.

Fold the insides in.

Now fold the top part of the heart down.

Glue it down.

The envelope is done! If you wish, make a card and put it in.

Seal the envelope and you’re done! :)

Thanks so much for bearing with my pictures! (I’m not so much of a fabulous photographer, sorry). Please visit my blog,



  1. Amalia...thanks so much for featuring me! Happy Holidays!

  2. My pleasure! And thanks for featuring me in return :-)