Monday, September 9, 2013

Orangette and Primrose and the Great Bake-Off

The village is once again in an uproar. A new bake-off competition has been arranged. The goods are to be sampled in the Vicarage on Sunday and the winner is to receive a blue plate with a picture of the queen. Orangette is very keen on that plate and even keener that Mrs. Harrison next door not win it, and on Sunday morning, bright and early, the two friends are in the kitchen ready to go.

They've been going through their recipe books all week, considering and debating, and have finally decided on their award-winning seed cake. With a good recipe and a new stove they are quietly confident and get to work. They sift and cream and make and bake and in no time at all a beautiful cake, light and golden, sits on the counter.

When the time comes to make their way to the Vicarage, Primrose suggests a detour to visit Mrs. Montague, whose been feeling under the weather all week. Orangette presents the cake and cannot help noticing Mrs. Montague sitting up a bit straighter, looking more lively and interested. It is well known around the village the Mrs. M. has a sweet tooth and a nice slice to seed cake may just nurse her back to health. The two friends look at each other, Orangette bids farewell to queenly plate, and they settle down to tea and gossip with a good neighbor.

(this brilliant mini-stove, perfect in every detail, was made by my father)

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