Friday, March 8, 2013

New Curtains

My niece and nephew recently had a birthday

As they share a room I decided to make them curtains as a presents. It was my first attempt at curtains and it turned out to be one of those cases where ignorance is bliss. Had I known going in how much work was involved I would have probably opted for something else, but now that it is done I am secretly quite proud.

I began with ready-made curtains and did not have to make the fabric hooks at the top (I'm sure there is a more professional name for them, I just don't know what it is). I cut the curtains to size and hemmed them with a crochet edge on the inner side and the bottom, a different color for each side. I added some applique - a flower, some butterflies and bubbles. I had to negotiate a fine line because this was for a boy and a girl and I wanted them both to like it. I used crochet flowers for tie-backs and there you have it.

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