Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Noa and Ithamar - Continued

We had a garden party to celebrate Noa and Ithamar's birthday.
I was in charge of the decor and chose a theme of bright pastels
to complement the beautiful spring weather.

With the help of my niece I painted the disposal cups with water-colors
(our powers gave out and we didn't do them all
but a kind guest understood that the white ones had a 
white polar bear playing in the snow:-)

I wrapped the white napkins with wool in matching colors
and made the paper party balls that were hanging from the ceiling
(they were spaced out and difficult to photograph).

For the children's corner
(which is what is written in crayons in the middle photo)
I made some cookies for desert and put them on
white plates that I embroidered with cross-stitch

And I finished with a trip to the nursery for some plants to decorate
It was such a nice day.


  1. What a lovely garden party.
    I'm sure you all had lots of fun.
    Happy birthday to Noa and Ithamar! :)

    1. Thanks! It was indeed a good day, we laughed a lot
      a kiss for you

  2. HI Amalia,
    I love your flower cookies….looks like it was a fun party!

    1. Thanks, the cookies were all gone so I felt that the time putting one almond sliver after another was well spent:-)