Monday, December 16, 2013

Orangette and Primrose and the Grand Tour

The girls have been feeling restless of late and decided that it was time to take to the road, see the world and have new adventures. Their trusty old bus was sent to the village mechanic for a little sprucing up, arrangements were made with little Timmy to mind the animals and water the garden, and the two have pouring over maps each evening, dreaming of roads and destinations.

The morning of the big day dawned bright and sunny. Primrose served a nice breakfast and the two began packing. And then Orangette noticed that the living room rug was still outside after a bit of cleaning and they went out to retrieve it. The rug looked quite inviting and the day was so nice that they just had to take a little bit of time for a nap. By the time Mrs. Montague stopped by for a chat and found them there, hours later, it was too late to go. And besides, on a bright sunny day, surrounded by friends, their little village didn't seem half bad. Well, there is always tomorrow, if they felt like it.


  1. I love their trusty old bus…lucky them!

    1. Thanks! One day they will drive it to Tahiti with the wind blowing in their hair...