Friday, October 4, 2013

Orangette and Primrose and the Gigantic Hound

For the past few mornings Primrose has been seeing strange footsteps in the garden. The footsteps are are very big, enormous even, and Primrose is quite upset at the damage to the cauliflowers. She debates with herself how to get rid of this pest and finally puts up a little sign: "please mind the vegetables!" But the very next morning the footsteps are there again.

A couple of days go by, the weather changes and heavy rains come down on the village. In the morning, as is her habit, Primrose is the first one out of the door and the sight that greets her is a hill, no, a mountain, in the middle of the garden. There is nothing to be done but to rush back in and get Orangette. The two friends circle the mountain when it suddenly wakes up and howls!

They rush in, they sneak back it, and a second look reveals that it is a hound, a really big one, and that it is stuck. It is Primrose, that most timid of souls, that finds the courage to speak to the beast and a few questions tell the story: the dog is very fond of vegetables and has been coming to the garden for its morning meal. But last night's rain made the whole place muddy and now it is sunk and stuck.

The two sit with the poor animal while the ground dries, telling it bedtime stories to while away the time. And when the hound is finally free, they send it on it's way with a (very) large basket of their finest crop.

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