Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On

This is a nice little book of quotations

my favorite:
it ain't no use putting up your umbrella before it rains

and another that I like:
now and then it is good to pause in the pursuit of happiness
and just be happy


  1. I like them!
    And I like the little bag too. Dis you embroidery it?
    A kiss.

    (The new blog header is nice)

    1. The little bag was supposed to be a big sampler
      but I got bored with it and just used the piece that I'd finished:)
      A hug

  2. Hello from Belgium, Amalia :)
    I just discovered your beautiful blog, while visiting Clare at "The Summerhouse by the Sea" (UK), and I wish to thank you for the inspiration you gave me this morning. I love your poems AND, of course, your cute handmades. I particularly love this little lady in her garden crosstitch, and would enjoy stitching it for a dear friend of mine who is an avid gardener :) Could you, eventually, tell me the name of the whole pattern ? I'd be very grateful. THANKS a bunch, and keep posting, I will certainly come back !

    In stitches,