Sunday, November 11, 2012

After the Rain

The rain has finally come! I'm so happy. 
I could not stand this dry hot weather in the middle of November 
and now the air is clean and fresh and I don't have to wash my car. 
Life is good 

I'm feeling rather industrious, rearranging the whole apartment to make it winter-friendly. It is coming along nicely and I've already been to the nursery to buy some winter plants. I'll show some photos when it is more or less done (we all know it will never be completely done, there will always be a new idea or something to change). 

I'm also working on something new that should be ready in a day or so and playing around with my beloved new computer, it is so fast it just flies!


  1. I like the plant with pink flowers!
    And I like your new way to show the photos, like a Polaroid.

  2. I used PicMonkey that you recommended to me and I am really enjoying it, so many options and very easy to use, thanks for the advice