Monday, October 22, 2012

Once is Not Enough... Recycle

I have two people living inside me: 
one likes the house to be clean and tidy and everything in its place. 
The other likes to collect everything in sight because 
'I'm sure I can do something with it'. 
Sometimes things get done, sometimes not, 
but the mess certainly accumulates and fast! 

A while back my sister moved to a new house. I was visiting during the renovations, just as the contractor was taking off the wallpaper in the nursery. He had to dampen it to take it off so most of it was ruined but a few pieces were in good shape and had a cute design, so of course the hoarder me took them. 

I've grown tired of looking at this bulky, untidy, mess and decided to either throw it away or do something with it. As my stash of cards was getting low, I made a small pile of greeting cards.


  1. Amalia - I had to stop after line 2 to check if you were writing about me. SO, SO me !!!!
    But how wonderfully creative of you to save the cute little things....see, that was still very me...
    But you are one ahead of me by actually DOING something with it !! How cute are those greeting cards??!!! Wonderful idea.
    The world needs people like us - hoarders !!! who knows how to make their collections appear tidied up ! ha-ha ;-)

    1. By the way - your commenting system does not allow me any other option but my google account, which is rather, just in case (BYW - Auburn and Blue

    2. I know! When a good idea comes along you feel so vindicated for all your hoarding. When it doesn't, you hide your shame behind closed doors:)

  2. Now that is such a clever idea, very crafty!!
    (Dropping by from BYW)

    1. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying the class, I think it's great and the best is meeting new like-minded people